A century to celebrate

It was an absolute honour when a family friend asked me to make a cake for her Aunt’s 100th birthday, and of course I immediately agreed.

The theme was to be Blackpool and the only other stipulation was that it be easy to transport, as they had to travel some distance with it.

100 Today!

I created this traditional triple layer vanilla sponge, filled with strawberry jam and vanilla Italian meringue buttercream, covered with fondant and decorated with a seaside theme.

She sells sea shells...Lustred fondant seashells flavoured variously with cappuccino, toffee and chocolate.

DeckchairGumpaste deckchair with fondant seat and sugar sand.  Next time, I’d leave out the ‘across’ stripe and would use a lighter colour for the wooden struts.

Chish & FipsIf you ate the fondant fish and chips, the headline news read “100 Today!”

Blackpool posters & Postcards Blackpool Posters & Postcards 4 Blackpool Posters & Postcards 3 Blackpool Posters & Postcards 2Vintage Blackpool posters and postcards reproduced with edible ink on sugar sheets, hand edged with gold.

The waves were made using a mould that was, quite frankly, a pain in the backside when it came to releasing the shapes – it kept hanging onto the tips of waves, causing the curls to unravel and stretch.  Even using petal base as a release agent didn’t help.  Freezing it did the trick in the end but it was time consuming and tedious.  It might have been the fondant, which was a new brand to me and seemed quite sticky…  I need to investigate further for technique and suggestions otherwise the mould will become nothing but an expensive dust gatherer.

The decorations were all edible (apart from the deckchair, which was technically edible but was made from gumpaste so would be a bit too hard and somewhat flavourless!).

A deceptive cake…it looks simple but was actually rather complex to put together.

Unfortunately the recipient never got to see the intact cake in all its glory – on the way to the party our friend was involved in a car accident.  Very fortunately she and her passengers all walked away unscathed.  The cake did not.

However, it seems that although all the top decorations were destroyed, and it was considerably bashed and dented, enough of the cake survived for people to have a taste.  Remarkable!

I’m very glad everyone made it to the party in one piece and that Lillian was able to celebrate such a monumental birthday together with her family…that’s the important stuff.


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