Wrestling cake

That title could be interpreted either as a description of the cake, or as a description of what I did with the cake.  Both interpretations would be appropriate.

WWE Championship beltThe wrestling cake was originally going to be this shape, with piped royal icing creating the top design.  I’d been thinking I really needed to practice my piping skills (those non-existent ones), hence the rather mad decision to pipe this intricate design.

All was going well.  It was going far better than well.  Far, FAR better.  I’m telling you, I was the piping queen.  I’m gutted I didn’t take pictures – lesson learned there about documenting the process and not just the finished products.

I’d just placed the near completed design on the shaped and covered cake and was preparing to do final touches when disaster struck; I managed to somehow joggle my own elbow (How?  How does one even do that?!), and splashed black food colouring all over the bloody thing.

With the cake expected for my friend’s son the following day, and there being only 10 hours remaining of the night before I was expected at the day job, I was a little pressed for time.  I could have tried re-piping it but this proposition seemed a trifle unrealistic considering the ruined one had taken me some 20+ hours of work to make.  However, without the top decoration, the underlying cake shape didn’t make sense and I couldn’t work out, at such short notice, how to get the design on there.  It definitely wasn’t going to work using fondant/gumpaste/modelling chocolate, and my painting skills don’t come anywhere close to being good enough to try free-handing it with food colouring (visions of Cake Wrecks danced in my head).

I couldn’t let the kid down, so I did what any sane and sensible person would do…I decided to change the design completely and start again from scratch.

L'il Josef takes out John Cena

After 9.5 half hours, much rapid and unwanted learning about the world of WWE, two trips to the 24-hour supermarket, one freshly baked cake,  and zero sleep later, this is what I had produced.  Apart from the candles the entire thing is edible.

Raw LogoThe cake was triple layer chocolate fudge, filled and frosted with Dairy Milk chocolate Italian meringue buttercream.  This lettering was hand cut from strawberry flavoured fondant and the name lettering in the picture above was done using cutters and strawberry modelling chocolate.
WWE logoThis logo was the only piece of the original royal icing piping work that I managed to save (or photograph 😉 ).  Repainted, it fitted perfectly on the side of the wrestling ring.

WWE (wrestling) cakeThe posts were Twix bars covered in fondant and the ropes were strawberry laces.  The figures were modelled ‘free hand’, although their heads were moulded.

After completing the cake I had just enough time for a quick shower and a build-a-face session with my make-up bag before I needed to leave for work.  Dragging myself through the day was a little challenging.

M’laddo was apparently so happy and excited about seeing his sugar self pinning down John Cena, he was laughing his head off and couldn’t keep still, running up and down the room shouting for his brothers to, “Look, LOOK!!”

What’s not to like about cake making when it can make someone as filled with joy as that?  Well worth going without sleep for.


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