A bit of drama

Music & DramaCake & Coordinating cupcakesA film, music and theatre themed cake for a birthday celebration being shared by three lovely friends.

Two layer dense, rich chocolate fudge cake filled with light and creamy vanilla Italian meringue buttercream. Covered with fondant and finished with hand crafted fondant and gumpaste decorations.  No moulds were involved in making the decorations and I was really pleased with the way they turned out.Celebrating 3 times If music be...Vanilla cupcakes with flavoured fondant top and hand crafted fondant decorations – lemon flavour for the musical notes and vanilla flavour for the stars.

Tickets please...Vanilla cupcakes with strawberry flavoured fondant top and hand crafted fondant decorations.

The cutting cake suffered an accident in transit.  The taxi driver tasked with taking me to deliver it chose to ignore my pleas to drive carefully and slowly, spinning away from the house before the cake and I were properly secure, thus causing a cake slide and some quite visible damage.  I managed to cobble the edging rope and curtains back together, but could do nothing about the large dent that can be seen at the back of cake.  Gah!


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