A Cake of Two Halves

First versionThis cake was made for a friend who was godmother to the little girl being christened.  It was a three layer vanilla Madeira cake, filled with strawberry jam and vanilla buttercream, then covered and decorated with fondant.  The hood was made from rice krispie treats, shaped with the aid of a ball cake tin, also covered and decorated with fondant.

Strawberry cupcakes with pink baby feet piped decorations

Vanilla cupcakes with baby themed piped decorationsThere were also coordinating strawberry and vanilla cupcakes, decorated with fondant and piped sugar shapes.

Everything was boxed up and ready to deliver the following day, and then disaster struck…Disaster strikesJust before going to bed I discovered the hood of the crib had fallen off backwards, making this horrific mess 😦We can rebuildChristening Cake Part TwoHowever, I am British, so I did not falter; I called upon my birth bestowed stiff upper lip, girded my loins, then proceeded to strip off the fondant from the hood and back third of the cake, adding better supports, before re-decorating. I actually preferred the second, less fussy version.

Sweet dreamsKeepsake PlaqueHand crafted fondant and modelling chocolate baby and bear, and gumpaste keepsake plaque.
IMG-20140528-WA0001Eventually the cake was delivered intact and with a huge sigh of relief.  Later, this photo of it in situ at the party was sent to me, along with delighted feedback about how it looked and tasted.

All’s well that ends well!


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