Ageing Boxes

Aging BoxesAs the cost of actual vintage boxes was prohibitive, when I was preparing for Mum’s Vintage Sunflower birthday party I tried my hand at ageing some new ones.

I bought a set of raw wood, cheap pine crates online…the type intended for decoupage and other crafting.

To make ‘wear and tear’ scars, the crates were gouged with a screwdriver, bashed with a hammer and thumped with a bag of screws.

They were then painted with several coats of potassium permanganate solution (1 part potassium permanganate crystals to 50 parts water – it’s bright purple and seems unlikely to be what you want to put on wood…but it’s ok, no purple staining occurs!).  The stain gathers in the ‘damaged’ bits, helping to create a well-used appearance.

Once dried I stencilled on some lettering.

Things I would do differently next time:

  • Before doing anything else, lightly sand boxes and wipe with white spirit to remove any grease and dirt.
  • Stencil before staining and lightly sand lettering to give it a more aged look.
  • Find a way to soften the edges and corners of the crates.

That said, I think these turned out really well for a first attempt…I was certainly happy with how much money it saved and I think they looked great on the table.


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