The food week that was – 02/02/15

I believe, for a variety of reasons, that it is a good thing for me to have a regular publishing schedule for this blog; taking account of other commitments I’ve decided that I will post once a week.  There may be extra posts when things are happening, or if the mood takes me, but as a demonstration that I can stick to a schedule, I hereby commit to posting at least every Sunday.  Cakes and parties (oddly) come along in little clusters and so, on their own, will not promote regularity of posting.  If I have nothing else to bring to show and tell (like today), I’ll post about the week’s meals (oh, the thrills, I hear you gasp 😉 )

Oven 'Fried' Brie (Mon 2nd)Monday: Something extra yummy to take the sting out of the start of the working week – crispy coated oven baked brie wedges, oozing their unctuous goodness onto crisp cos lettuce leaves,  scooped up with crusty bread, with a dollop of deliciously sticky rich onion marmalade on the side.Carrot & Coriander Soup (Tues 3rd)Tuesday: Working late and having dinner there.  A homely, satisfying bowl of freshly made carrot and coriander soup for lunch before leaving.

Pizza collageWednesday: Mid-week pizza night to try out some new frozen pizza doughs I discovered – one flavoured with chilli, the other with rosemary.  I made a base sauce using passata, garlic and herbs, then with a selection of toppings we each came up with our own perfect creations. Making them was companionable and fun, and the dough turned out to be really good – the whole thing was a BIG success!

Main picture (mine): rosemary dough, thin base with mozzarella stuffed crust, topped with artichokes, red onions, black and green olives, sweet red peppers, sun dried tomatoes, grated mozzarella and  a sprinkling of fresh parsley.

Top Left (Petit Man): one each chilli and rosemary dough, regular style base.  Not sure of toppings but they included pepperoni, olives, jalapeños, red onions, chilli flakes, sun dried tomatoes and mozzarella cheese.  Both Petit Man and Barn had bbq chicken wings with theirs.

Bottom Left (Barn): Large oval pizza with rosemary dough at one end and chilli at the other, medium base with mozzarella stuffed crust.  Again, not sure of toppings, but similar to Petit Man.


Sausage & Bean Stew Thursday: I love the slow cooker…you give it some ingredients in the morning and later that day it welcomes you home with a deliciously cooked dinner…like having a servant but without the associated guilt.

Organic pork sausages, haricot and kidney beans in a thick tomato sauce, enriched with ham hock and flavoured with English mustard.  Served with thickly buttered hunks of crusty bread.

Friday: From the depths of the fridge came the cry, “We need to use this stuff up”.  Sweet potatoes, courgettes, bell peppers, aubergines, onions and salad leaves were passed over for consideration, and so this meal was born.

Fish Cake & FriesCod fish cake on a lemon drizzled, green salad bed,  served with crispy, oven baked sweet potato fries and fresh ratatouille (affectionately known as “rat an’ two wees”, due to Petit Man’s 5-year old self’s mispronunciation).

Ravioli and saladSaturday: Lazy day, lazy dinner…shop bought chicken and pancetta ravioli, tossed in a home made cheese sauce, with a few black olives chucked in at the last minute.  Completed with a simple salad of watercress, baby spinach leaves and tomato, with chopped parsley strewn over the lot.  The ravioli was a let down, like chilled, shop bought ravioli always is.  I don’t know why I keep convincing myself that this one will be good.  Must. Stop. Doing. This.

Roast Chicken CollageSunday: Used the contraption plus the raw ingredients to make the fabulous roast chicken.

Despite looking like a spare tractor part, the contraption is actually an awesome thing for roasting chicken and veg – you hang the chicken on the pipe and all the delicious fats and juices drip down onto your potatoes/veg that are roasting away below.  Scrumptious!

And that concludes the first food week that was.


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