Butterfly Birthday Cake, made by Minions

The whole thingFrozen Themed Cake






When I’ve previously made birthday cakes for Barn’s niece she’s been a little young to grasp the concept of ‘you can have anything you like for your cake’ and there’s been a lot of parental input in terms of theme.

This year she was in full on imagination mode when she asked for, “A butterfly cake…with Minion eyes!”

Despite loving the concept I reckoned the end result might be a little scary looking so we agreed that she would have a butterfly cake with Minions involved somehow.

Butterfly cake from aboveAnd so this three layer vanilla and strawberry sponge cake was created – a butterfly cake being crafted by Minions.

There was something of an issue with the frosting as my stand mixer died so I wasn’t able to make my usual Italian meringue buttercream – I wasn’t very happy with the results using the alternative as it wasn’t smooth enough and didn’t crust.  This meant I couldn’t use a fondant covering as I’d originally intended to do.

Hand crafted, edible fondant Minions put the finishing touches to the cake with jelly sweets, sparkling sugar crystals and pretty spotted candles.

There were also vanilla and strawberry cupcakes, decorated with sugar butterfly sprinkles and more fondant Minions.

I feel the concept of this cake was better than the final execution; although party guests seemed to find it rather adorable, I know I could produce better with fully functioning equipment.

I was, however, quite pleased with how the fondant Minions turned out but they took SO much longer than anticipated…next time I’ll start them a lot, lot earlier!





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