Monkey’s Advent Adventures

This is essentially a guest post by Barn as what follows is his creation – an idea he came up with to visually share his advent calendar with family and friends – I thought you might enjoy it too 🙂

On Day 1 there were Minion socks and Day 2 a miniature but very powerful torch (ideal for camping trips).  On Day 3 Monkey was introduced to the scene…

Day 3 – A passing Monkey was drawn to the bright colours on the tree and asked what was going on.  After having the concept explained to him he asked to join in then immediately lay claim to the contents of box no. 3.

Day 4 – Curious Monkey discovered a Man Flu treatment in his box…and immediately felt a headache coming on.

Day 5 – Monkey got so excited he was biting his nails, and actually got a trifle over giddy.  When he finally got the wrapper off he was very pleased with his new chocolate friend.

Day 6 – Barn went for a bike ride and came home to find Monkey anxiously watching out for him at the window.  Monkey gave a great big cheer when he came in, then rushed off to get in the shower with his new shower gel.

Day 7 – Monkey was sent to climb up and collect the box from the tree.   He was quite out of breath when he got back but felt it was worth it for a chocolate snowman.

Day 8 – After having his breakfast Monkey was in such a rush to get to his present that he got his hand stuck in the box.  After freeing himself and opening the gift he decided to laze around and do nothing but dream and eat the chocolate bars he’d received.

Day 9 – Monkey upped the festive spirit by popping on his new reindeer antlers for the box opening.  He was gobsmacked by the Santa socks he got.

Day 10 – Following the success of his antler headgear, Monkey decided to wear his pixie hat.  He let his new friend the Milky Bar Bear borrow the Santa hat, so he’d feel included.

Day 11 – Full of the joys of Christmas, Monkey sang an enthusiastic rendition of “Let it Snow”, with a handy prompt board at his side.  He was rewarded with yet another chocolate bar.  Monkey is firmly of the opinion that there is no such thing as too much chocolate.

Day 12 – Possibly as a result of having eaten so much sugar over recent days, Monkey threw a Diva Strop and declared he doesn’t work weekends.  The Muffins were brought in at very short notice to assist.  One was very bold and curious, the other more timid.  Both were very pleased with the chocolate snowflake they found.

Day 13 A real live elf
On Day 13 a real live elf came to give a helping hand

Day 13 – The Muffins were bound by a prior engagement and so a real little Elf came to give a helping hand.  Unfortunately, in a flood of boxes containing chocolate, on this particular day the advent box contained a bar of soap.  In the rush to divert the Elf from the disappointment about to come from his attempts to eat said bar of soap, no photos were taken, but tears did not occur either 😉

Day 14 – Monkey returned to work, jealously guarding the box from the Muffins and demanding they “give him space”.  He was being so naughty he even tried to stop them from seeing the shaving gel he got.

Day 15 – Monkey was feeling a little remorseful for his selfish behaviour yesterday so he ordered some gifts for others before opening his own.  When he did open box no. 15 he was quietly thrilled to find a fire lighter inside – strike the flint on the side and make lots of sparks – perfect for the planned camping trips next summer.

Day 16 – Monkey was supposed to do his chores before opening the box; he started off well but in the end he couldn’t wait.  He then, somewhat inevitably, became more interested in the bear.

Day 17 – Monkey slept in and had to be woken up all bleary and rubbing the sleep from his eyes.  Maybe it was because he was tired still, but he was unsure what the gift was that day…
It was a little plastic planet with an alien inside.  Because.

Day 18 – Monkey decided to open his calendar before laying the new carpet.  He was hoping for chocolate for ‘fortification’ but was quite pleased with the aftershave balm that he actually got.

Day 19 -After the shock of being so rapidly replaced the previous weekend, on Day 19 Monkey decided he would  work weekends after all.  He got himself in a bit of a pickle while wrapping presents so took a break to open his advent box.  He was very relieved to find chocolate supplies.  White chocolate supplies.

Day 20 – Monkey was found on the sofa singing his little heart out, advent box at his side.  What was he singing?  “Who let the socks out?” of course! Hey, don’t groan at me…it’s Barn’s joke! 😀

Day 21 – The camera took Monkey by surprise as he prepared for a shower.  Like a true professional he recovered his composure, opened the box and posed to show off a rattling penguin.  He was quite delighted to discover it had tiny Smarties inside.

To be continued…


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