Gingerbread Man Christmas Cake

Another Christmas cake has been completed and is ready for delivery –  hurrah!  Only another 3 to go.

Gingerbread Man Christmas Cake

This dinky little 4″ brandy infused fruit cake has been covered with marzipan and fondant then finished with hand crafted fondant decorations and a perky gingham ribbon.

Gingerbread man cake in box

I know certain TV shows would have it that BIGGER is always much better, and the big complex numbers are undoubtedly productively challenging to a person’s skills and impressive when well executed.

Nonetheless, I do like doing these smaller cakes; apart from the fact they’re a doddle to cover with icing ( 😀 ) I also think there’s a simple cuteness to them that tends to be missing from grand scale cakes.

I think this little gingerbread man cake is pretty adorable anyway!  What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Gingerbread Man Christmas Cake

  1. I totally agree re the small-er cake theory. Two things occur to me with the mega-cakes: 1) what are they going to *do* with all that cake; and 2) how are they going to cut it to ensure everyone gets a bit of icing as well as some cake?

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    1. It seems to me that the other problem would be *how* do they cut it? There’s frequently so much rigging and support in there that the consumer would be hard pushed to find an entry point for the knife!


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