At a crossroads and seeking some help

As the title of the post suggests, I’m looking for some input into a “What should I do next?” work/career dilemma…hopefully some of you guys might be up for a bit of tip giving/idea generating/brain storming?

(EDITED TO ADD: If it strikes you as weird that a person would publicly ask for help with a private matter, I would refer you back to the reason I started this blog…on 43Things this kind of question was utterly normal…I still miss that community and the support that was offered there 😦 )

Before going any further, I’d just like to point something out…the very fact that I’m putting this on my blog for all and sundry to read should tell you that I am in equal parts open to new ideas and utterly stumped as to what my next move should be.  So please, if you would be so kind…a minute of your time…

Want to help a desperate woman? 😉  If so, here’s the situation:

It is time to move on from the day job.  Actually, it’s long overdue but now, due to a number of fairly major matters, it really needs to happen, and quite quickly.

What I’d ideally like to do is strike out with my own cake business, but would need commercial premises in order for it to be financially viable.  This does not necessarily have to be bricks and mortar…I’m up for some lateral thinking (converted railway carriage?) but have no idea how to make that work in practice.

I currently don’t have commercial premises kind of money and am not what would be called an excellent bet for your regular bank type lender.

So, in order to get the money together I need to earn some big bucks and save.  And/or get funding some other (legal!) way.  Cool.  But…

My qualifications (Environmental Health) and experience (retail and food management) would easily bring the big bucks IF I was the corporate type.  But I’m really not.  I’ve tried and got chewed up by the machinery.  It was horrible for everyone concerned.  I just can’t do the corporate thing…I can fake it for a short while, but then my Renegade starts showing and ripples inevitably occur.

Anyway, to do the corporate thing I’d have to be really committed with my time to the corporation, which would mean I couldn’t even keep up the pitifully low number of cakes that I currently do, never mind build up the business.  I mean, that would be ok for, say, 6 months or so but not the longer term deal that would really be required.

Which means, what I’m really saying is, I’d like something that’s short contract/high return…I don’t necessarily want job security!

So the big question is, what should I do now?

Smaller questions include, where should I be looking – a) for ways of getting funds together for the cakery? b) for employment? c) all the other stuff?

Please feel free to chuck the seemingly craziest of ideas or most trivial of thoughts into the pot, you never know, it might be the one that sparks…

Thank you.



9 thoughts on “At a crossroads and seeking some help

  1. Evening Hen, I don’t have any stunning, mind-blowing, eureka moment ideas, sorry. I just wanted you to know I’d read this. Stoked to see that you have two followers in Edinburgh… how neat is that!

    I do have supreme faith in your energy for life. You don’t fear change, you embrace it. You make wonderful cake.

    I don’t know the fine details, but the basics of crowd funding are that you pitch an idea, then random strangers pledge cash to get you going. I believe these random strangers expect some kind of return on their cash, but know they are taking a gamble. Have a look at for ideas.

    Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.
    Love ya x

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    1. I know, it’s cool isn’t it? I love having a Scottish Contingent! One day I’ll get myself up to Edinburgh to see you both (Calypte and I have known each other for many years via the internet) 🙂

      Thank you for the kickstarter link, it gives me something to start with. At the moment I’m starting to flounder with all the research and info gathering I need to do, so having directions straight to sources is fantastically helpful. Sitting down and making a prioritised list of what I need to know would also be helpful, so that, without doubt, is the next step!

      I can’t adequately express how much it means to have your support and to know that you’re so firmly in my corner – just know that it’s a LOT.

      Love ya right back.


  2. Random thoughts… there’s a bakery company here in Edinburgh that doesn’t have premises, but rather sells to other venues e.g. a local bar, a new place where you go and play board games, etc. Not sure how you’d find a partner company, but might be an ‘in’ – bonus, it’s amazing publicity for the company involved, so I’m sure when they do want to open their own premises they’ll be able to point to an existing market for their goods.

    Admittedly this is a half-step – you’d still need a day job in the meantime, but perhaps you can pick something a little less stressy than currently, something a little more aligned to your dreams (if not totally) and/or go part time (now or in future)? So, rather than a single big jump, find a way to take a half-step in a better direction?

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    1. This is a superb idea Calypte, and one I shall start looking into right away – several local places, particularly in the university areas, spring to mind immediately as possibilities. I do have the gluten free aspect to push, as well as the fact (as Joy pointed out) that I am a national award winner for my Banoffee cupcakes – I think some baking and hawking of samples is in my near future.

      Silly as it sounds, I hadn’t really considered looking for part time work; I guess I got caught up on the notion that one’s career should ‘progress’, so was still thinking in terms of management level work… The mere thought of less stress and fewer hours has made me relax a little so this is clearly something I need to look at further – I see some number crunching also in my very near future!

      You see, is the sort of input I miss and was hoping for – and I KNOW you understand where I’m coming from on that! 😉 Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and ideas.

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        1. Thanks so much for taking the time to post that link – reading through the timeline gives me a little indication of how they’re going about things…most helpful! I’m impressed and inspired too…there’s some seriously innovative flavour combos going on there 🙂

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  3. Hello, how about an award winning, gluten free cake stall on the manchester weekend markets? It would test the water & get your name more widely recognised etc. & really showcase your talents….maybe a come & sit a while tea & cake thing…. Also, might there be a market for crowdfunded free from cakes? Craft cafe? Tea, cake, social guest crafters showcasing their skills, teaching, showing others…..opps for folk to just chill for a bit…

    Can’t believe you won’t have thought of any of this bit well you know..

    Love you tons. XX

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    1. Manchester Markets are one of my eventual aims…the sticking point currently is that getting a space in the central ones is REALLY hard and requires a HUGE amount of insurance etc. Although it apparently gets easier to get a central pitch if you’ve taken places at smaller, outlying markets first, so that’s probably where my enquiries around that should start!

      Hadn’t thought of combining efforts with crafters and other such folk so that’s a useful suggestion.

      I have no idea how crowd funding works so will have to look into that too.

      Awesome thoughts from you and some great ‘starting to research’ areas to look at – THANK YOU!!


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