David Bowie

As for so many others, the news today about David Bowie’s death has saddened me greatly.

David Bowie

(Quite) Some time ago, a work event required that we dress up as our musical hero.  I chose David Bowie.

Through early adolescence, teenage angst, first marriage failure (and subsequent happier times too!) David Bowie’s music and lyrics have been a huge contributory factor to the soundtrack of my life.

As a person he fascinated and intrigued me over decades.

He really was my all time musical hero.

RIP David and thank you for all you gave.




2 thoughts on “David Bowie

  1. As soon as I heard the news, I thought of you – I have very fond memories of the conversations we had about him when I was very young. You were very patient with me! I still love the live version of Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide that you put on tape for me once, the one from the last Ziggy Stardust tour.

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    1. Wow, I would have thought you were too young to really remember me indoctrinating you into the Bowie fan club! Glad it’s good memories though. 🙂

      Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide remains one of my favourites too – the lyrics “Oh no love, you’re not alone…” coupled with that repeated refrain of “You’re wonderful”…boy did I hang on to those when teenage angst was at its peak!!

      Then of course, I always have a soft spot for ‘Time’, a track to which I chose to set my ‘free dance’ examination piece to, much to the annoyance of my dance tutor who strongly objected to the line “Time, he flexes like a whore, falls wanking to the floor”. Of course, knowing she was annoyed by it just made it all the more appealing ;D

      But really, my all time favourite has to be ‘Life on Mars’, which became ‘my’ song instantly upon hearing those opening lines.

      Ah, so much good stuff, so many memories.


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