You know you’re going in the right direction when…

FEATURED IMAGE: “Full Steam Ahead” by Vladimir Kush

Well, as I indicated in this earlier post there have been some major upheavals in the day job arena.  Due mainly to circumstances beyond my control things have got very, very messy, very, very quickly – to such an extent, in fact, that from the 12th February I shall be day-jobless.

I’m not going to go into much detail, for two reasons:

  1. It’s rather uninteresting for those not directly involved, so I think it’s best not to bore the pants off you, dear reader…that’s what family’s for 😉
  2. What has been (and is) taking place is now the subject of pending legal action and as such is not an appropriate discussion to have in public.

Suffice it to say, the last few weeks have been mentally and emotionally exhausting and the next couple are not looking like being a walk in the park either.  There are now 8 working days left for me and the countdown is sometimes the mantra that gets me through the day.  I never thought I’d be walking away from there in this way – it’s quite sobering to realise that a job I’ve enjoyed so much could turn sour so fast.

So where does this all leave me and the wannabe cake business?

Apart from the aforementioned day job related exhaustion, it actually leaves me in a very good space…more determined than ever to build a successful and profitable business, more positive of my ability to make that happen and to do it in a way that is legal and ethical.

The plan is to find a new day job that is part time and far less responsibility laden than the current one.  This will free up time and mental space for my cakes.

The work that is necessary to be done on the kitchen in order to pass certification inspection should commence mid-Feb; this will take some time as we will be undertaking most of the labour ourselves…the aim is to be inspection ready in April.

In the meantime there are numerous things to be done: seeking out potential funding avenues, and applying for it, passing my driving test (!!!), signing up for a business mentor, sourcing affordable equipment, getting a website up (where do you even start?!), getting decent business cards and promo leaflets/flyers designed and made up, getting public liability insurance, registering with tax office etc., getting all H&S and food hygiene assessment docs written up, finding and booking sites at appropriate local summer fêtes and shows…

This could all get overwhelming but Chef J and I have teamed up to create a trans-Atlantic Accountability Committee; in an effort to beat our twin procrastination habits we are identifying weekly/fortnightly targets and challenges, upon which we have to report (with evidence of progress!! 😉 ) at specific times.  We don’t let each other off the hook, so it works.

You’d think a soon to be day-jobless person with no definite income ahead would be at least a bit sad or freaked out, wouldn’t you?  But no.  Truth of the matter is, I feel excited – as if I’m on the cusp of some grand new adventure.  You know you’re going in the right direction when you look ahead and that’s how it feels 🙂


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