Who am I?

I’m what would probably (if you were kind), be called  a late developer: I embarked on my first degree course just before my 40th birthday graduating four years later with first class honours.  At age 45 I discovered finally acknowledged to myself that what I really want to do is make cakes and organise parties (which bears no relation to my degree!)

I live in a city but hanker for my country roots.

I am a procrastinator of the highest order and could cite displacement activity as one of my most developed areas of prowess, yet I can be highly organised and super disciplined when the mood takes me.

I’m married and have a grown-up son.

I have a cat and a dog.  The dog wants to be friends with the cat, but the cat merely tolerates the dog.  Both are just a little bit bonkers.  We’re unsure if they were that way anyway or if they became like this as a result of living with us.

My favourite clothes are my pyjamas.

Everything I bake is gluten free.


6 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. I knew it…. I knew it was you before I’d even looked at a page of your sumptuous blog. At least. I’m sure it will be sumptuous when I come to look properly. Right now I’m just gobsmacked because it’s you…. There’s no-one else it can be! I’m right, aren’t I? (Gosh I’m trying to be circumspect … It’s hard!) (Ha – and here I am assuming you know who I am! :-D)

    (Waving madly… 🙂 )

    This is a ridiculous comment – totally lowering the tone of your beautiful blog. Feel free to delete (but not until you’ve confirmed one way or another that it IS you!…) x

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    1. Hello loveliness, how fabulous to see you here – thank you so much for coming on over! You do make me giggle…still giggling now as I respond to your absolutely NOT ridiculous comment 😀

      Now, as to whether it’s me…yup, I can definitely say it’s me 😉 Now the real question is, am I who you think I am?! (I definitely know you’re who I think you are!!) Given that you’re an intelligent lady, and that you most likely recognise the avatar, I think we can safely say that you’ve correctly identified me 🙂

      Looking forward to reading more about your life and doings.

      Much love and many hugs.

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      1. The avatar…. See, I didn’t consciously recognise it; it just made me think of you. So now I know why it’s worth having an avatar. My avatar on WordPress is a wall. Slightly worried about now. How that helped you to find me and quite what it suggests about me …

        I’m loving this blogging business 🙂 And I was right – not only in that you are of course who I knew you were, but also I was that your blog is absolutely gorgeous.

        Lovely to have this communication channel. I’ll shut up now 😉


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  2. The first of your cakes that I have seen is amazing. A real artist. I like your bio too – a “don’t give up on your dreams” writ large. Just came on over to say many, many thanks for the follow on my humble wee blog – it is greatly appreciated and you are warmly welcomed aboard. Allow me to look a little more and have a great week. MM 🍀


    1. Hi MM – thank you so much for coming here, taking a look, leaving such lovely comments and for the follow…so flattering! 🙂 As for me following you – your pictures are stunning – it fair gave my a day a lift to be looking at them – you’re very talented. Hope you have a splendid week.

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