Oh, how rude!

I’ve really dithered over whether to post these cakes…but d’ya know what?  Screw you if you can’t take a joke! An uncensored picture is at the bottom of the page 😉

Red velvet cake with vanilla buttercream.

These cupcakes were a special request…the person involved shall remain nameless.  Making them was an interesting experience…you trying Googling ‘vagina cakes’ and see what you get!

Barn was slightly taken aback to come home from work to find me in the kitchen, surrounded by partially formed sugar fannies, my face inches away from an enlarged diagram of the female parts (well, if you’re going to do something like this you might as well aim for anatomical correctness).  He got over it.


So, without further ado I present you with the pierced & tattooed one, the landing strip, the vajazzled one and the 70s muff.  Pierced and vajazzled are the popular choices.

Did I enjoy making these cakes?  It was a learning experience.  I smirked a lot.


The One That Really Got Me Hooked

My fourth fondant covered cake (and I promise I’ll stop counting them after this, but I’m still stunned by the cockiness and sheer audacity involved in taking on a celebration cake of this magnitude so early in my celebration cake making history)…anyway, my fourth one came about because Barn was so impressed by the cakes I made for Mum’s Pimms party (he is ridiculously easy to impress).  He began showing photos to all and sundry; which lead to me being asked if I could make a cake for his niece’s August birthday, based on the tower from the Disney film Tangled.

Tangled tower - the inspiration

At first, I almost declined on the grounds of inexperience, but when I realised I was more than a little excited about the prospect of having an excuse to try doing something so extravagant, I agreed.  Then I researched how to go about it.

Annabella's Birthday Cake - tower creation collageCobbling together information from around the internet, and adding some tweaks of my own, I came up with a tower support structure made from plumbing parts (new ones, obviously).  Petit Man handled the hardware side of things.

Completed tower structureThe completed tower, pre-cake application: pipe covered with rice krispie treats, then melted white chocolate, and finally fondant decorations.

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Cake and Pimms, Dahling?

I started to get a clue that my cakes and family birthdays were becoming a synonymous thing when I received a telephone call from my mother, which went something like this:

Mum:  “Your sister and I have been discussing my upcoming birthday.  I’d really like to have a Pimms and cake party, but there’s a problem.”

(Pause to allow me to make appropriate querying noises)

Mum: “Yes.  You see, we have the Pimms side of things sorted.  We have the ingredients for Pimms cocktails.  We know how to make Pimms cocktails.  The problem is the cake.  We have such a severe shortage of it.  In fact, we have none!”

(Slight pause for dramatic deep breath…continues, in tones of faux distress…)

“This is such a huge problem, we don’t know how to get ’round it.  And I do SO want a Pimms and cake party for my birthday.  I don’t suppose you have any ideas, do you?”

(Pause, filled with expectant waiting and the sound of Big Sis giggling in the background.)

Me: “Would you like me to make you some cakes for your birthday party?”

Mum (in totally feigned surprise): “Oh, would you?  How incredible of you to offer!”

And so, this is how it came about that I made four fresh cakes for my Mum’s 2013 birthday party, including my third fondant covered and decorated cake.

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Fumbling with Fondant

For my Big Sis’s 2013 birthday, I felt brave enough to have another go at using fondant to cover and decorate a cake, this time with a knitting theme.  For my second effort I used a firm carrot cake filled and frosted with fresh orange flavoured buttercream.

Joy's knitting cakeI’d learned a lot from the last time (but had no idea how little I knew still) and the process was a lot less stressful.  I still hadn’t got the hang of levelling a cake though…

Jumper…nor had I got the hang of evening up the sides and avoiding ‘elephant skin’ and cracking with my fondant (come to think of it, I’m still working on that!)

The knitted items and wool were made with marzipan, each strand painstakingly rolled by hand, and the stitching was marked on with a cocktail stick.

Wool balls and scarfThe unravelling balls that form the writing were made using strawberry laces.

By the time I’d finished this cake I was starting to get drawn into the ever expanding, and endlessly creative, world of playing with sugar.