3D Elegant Corset Cake

Ever since my early days of cake making, when Busty Bertha was created, I’ve wanted to try my hand at the infinitely more elegant 3D corset cake.

Corset Cake 1With complete free rein on the design of Big Sis’s birthday cake, an opportunity was clearly presenting itself and the time had quite obviously finally come.

Bottom to top: 5" cake - 2 layer 4" cake - 3 layer 5" cake - 3 layer I'd started to carve at the bottom before I remembered to take the picture!
I’d started to carve at the bottom before I remembered to take the picture – this was 5″,4″,5″ tiers

Why was a corset cake appropriate for Big Sis? Well, we’d had the fine dining experience and to complete things, I felt a little tasteful burlesque would be just the thing to have with coffee and cognac.
Ok, a little tenuous, but I really wanted to make this cake 😉

Carved cakesThe cake was made up of eight layers of vanilla Madeira, filled with lemon buttercream, stacked and carved into shape.

The ease with which the shaping took place was incredible…I thought I’d be there for at least an hour shaving bits off and trying to get the curves right…in the event, it took about 20 minutes.  A very pleasant surprise.

Cake pop breastsThe curve of the breasts was made using crumbled cake off-cuts mixed with frosting to make a mouldable paste (like cake pop mix).

A fresh, zingy lemon Italian meringue buttercream was used to fill and frost.
Crumb coatedFirst the rough, crumb coat…

Second coat…then the much smoother second layer.  And then a third, finishing layer which filled in and smoothed out all the little dimples you can see in this picture.  I forgot to photograph the final buttercream finish but it was smooooth!

The whole cake was then wrapped in fondant and detailing added.

Embossed front panelThe front panel was embossed then hand tinted with edible silver dust.

Silver painted back panelThe panel underneath the lacing was hand painted with silver before the lacing detail was added.

Corset cake - backThe back lacing detail and bow were my favourite part of this cake…so dainty and effective.

Corset cake - frontThe ‘fabric’ top and draping details were created from thinly rolled fondant, which was then folded, tinted and lustred with various grey, silver and pearl dusts.

Corset cakeThe flowers were made using a simple rolling technique to create a fabric roses type effect.  These were the only non-edible part of the cake, and only because I’d used the diamanté embellishments.

Presented on a simple white cake stand with slender, curved, silver candles to give a pretty finish.

This cake gave me a real indication of the progress I’ve made and the increased proficiency that is coming with experience.  It felt really good to know my skills are continuing to improve.

What do you think?  Do you like it?

The One That Really Got Me Hooked

My fourth fondant covered cake (and I promise I’ll stop counting them after this, but I’m still stunned by the cockiness and sheer audacity involved in taking on a celebration cake of this magnitude so early in my celebration cake making history)…anyway, my fourth one came about because Barn was so impressed by the cakes I made for Mum’s Pimms party (he is ridiculously easy to impress).  He began showing photos to all and sundry; which lead to me being asked if I could make a cake for his niece’s August birthday, based on the tower from the Disney film Tangled.

Tangled tower - the inspiration

At first, I almost declined on the grounds of inexperience, but when I realised I was more than a little excited about the prospect of having an excuse to try doing something so extravagant, I agreed.  Then I researched how to go about it.

Annabella's Birthday Cake - tower creation collageCobbling together information from around the internet, and adding some tweaks of my own, I came up with a tower support structure made from plumbing parts (new ones, obviously).  Petit Man handled the hardware side of things.

Completed tower structureThe completed tower, pre-cake application: pipe covered with rice krispie treats, then melted white chocolate, and finally fondant decorations.

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