A peek through the window

If you were to peep through my living room window right now (which I sincerely hope you don’t, because that would be creepy), you might deduce that I quite like Christmas. IMG_0028Our tree went up yesterday and underneath it are bags full of wrapped and beribboned presents.  Every time I see it, it fair makes my heart sing with pleasure.

Now, I’m going to get a bit navel gaze-y for a minute here, so you might want to skip forward a bit…

I was told quite recently, by someone once close to me, that the things that are important to me are “just materialistic crap” (another story, not to be told here).   This is the kind of barb that can leave a sore; more than once during my Christmas preparations I’ve paused to question the ‘rightness’ of the degree of pleasure that I’m getting from buying things for people and spending money on non-essentials to make my home feel cosy and pretty.

I find myself to be absolutely ok with it!

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Harry who?

A friend challenged me to come up with a cake design for her birthday, so I did.  Shame she lives in Texas and never got to eat it 😉

Harry Potter Themed Cake InsideVanilla sponge cake filled and frosted with choca mocha Italian meringue buttercream, covered with vanilla fondant and decorated with hand crafted fondant, modelling chocolate and gumpaste Harry Potter paraphernalia. Sorting HatThis was yet another cake where I had no real knowledge of the subject and had to rely on internet sources for information and images.  Obviously I’m aware of the books’ existence – I’ve not been living in a pothole for the last couple of decades – but I’ve just never had any desire to read them.  Or watch the films.  Stop sucking your breath in and doing Munch painting impressions at me.  I know you’ll find it hard to believe, and I’m aware that we’re a minority group, but I can promise you, I am far from alone in my quiet disinterest in Harry Potter!

The Wand, the Snitch and the Sorting HatThe wand, the snitch and the sorting hat – even if you’re as Harry Potter challenged as I am, I’m sure you can use your powers of deduction to work out which is which 😉