The food week that was – 09/02/15

For the past week Barn has been away from home with work, and Petit Man has been mostly absent for meals, so I’ve been left to cater for one in the evenings.

This is a situation that tends to go one of two ways.  Either,

  • I take the opportunity to indulge myself, buying things things that the guys aren’t keen on or that would be cost prohibitive when feeding three but which are affordable for one (because I’m worth it! 😉 ), OR
  • I take the line of least resistance and have a lot of open-possibly heat-eat rubbish.

This time I managed to strike a reasonable(ish) balance.

Quiche and wedges - MondayMonday: Spinach, feta and red pepper quiche, potato wedges and a green salad drizzled with a balsamic vinegar dressing.

Halloumi wraps - TuesdayTuesday: Garlic and herb flour tortilla wraps, thickly spread with guacamole and salsa, filled with green salad and perfectly grilled halloumi (crispy on the outside, squeaky on the inside), served with roasted tomatoes on the vine.

On Wednesday I ate at work.

Cheesy beans and bacon butties - ThursdayThursday: I was very tired so made bacon sandwiches and bean stretch.  Bean stretch is the happy accident that occurs when you add a cheddar/mozzarella cheese mix to your baked beans, but go a little heavy on the mozzarella.

Friday: Barn came home and I welcomed him back with a watery, insipid and flavourless vegetable lasagne.  Once again I reminded myself of the chilled ready meal pasta dish rule…DO. NOT. BUY. IT!  It was so gross we binned it and went out for fish ‘n’ chips.  Nothing got photographed.

Saturday: Tex-Mex meal for Medieval’s birthday.  That’s was deliciousness, right there!

Sunday brunch - pastries, yoghurt, banana, juicePastries for brunch - SundaySunday: I had a splendid long lie-in then woke to find Barn had stopped off on his way back from the gym to pick up Sunday brunch components.  Companionable munching ensued.

Apple and mango fruit juice, peach yoghurt with sliced banana, and a selection of pastries (custard crown, pain au chocolat and cinnamon swirl).

‘Twas a good way to start a Sunday afternoon.