Busty Bertha

A work colleague asked if I could make a cake for his girlfriend’s birthday.

“I want you to do her an enormous pair of tits”, he said.

“I don’t think I’m good enough to do specific bird species”, I replied.

Actually, I didn’t, but I would have amused myself if I had done.

What I really said was, “Is this cake for you or her?”

Eventually it was agreed that the required mammaries would be clothed, thus making it appealing to both parties.

Corset cakeThe preferred colours were yellow, green and orange but I decided to omit the orange for aesthetic reasons.

‘Ice cream’ was requested for the cake flavour.  I’d just like to state, for the record, that ‘ice cream’ is not actually a flavour.  My interpretation of this was to use a vanilla/cream soda flavour for the cake, then cover the boobs with chocolate ganache (as a good friend said, who wouldn’t  like boobs covered in chocolate ganache), finally covering the torso with strawberry buttercream, thus creating a sort of Neapolitan ice cream effect.

This cake came together remarkably easily, which was balm to my creative soul after le catastrophe that was the diabetic shoe box cake.  I thought covering the boobs would be much trickier than it was…just a little patience and coaxing required.  Of course, by this time I’d bought a decent rolling pin, which helped no end with manoeuvring the rolled fondant from the work surface to the cake.

This was the first time using dome shaped cake tins.  Unfortunately I baked for too long as reports back told me the boob part of the cake was very dry.  I wasn’t too down about it though as the cake was enjoyed anyway, and making it gave me another dose of useful learning experience.  And it gave me the chance to use my (then) new wheely toy for the first time, creating great stitching detail on the corset.

Just a little aside: the cake tin I ordered for making this arrived with a dent in it so I needed to take some photos in order to claim a refund.  Google+ did this with them…

IMG_5630-MOTIONI’m childish.  It amused me.