Gluten Free Blueberry Pancakes

Some things are just made to go together: strawberries and chocolate; a needle and thread; Starsky and Hutch; fish and chips; a lazy Sunday and blueberry pancakes.

So sayeth me.

a delicious stack of pancakes

What about you?  Do you fancy some?

Makes around 8 medium-ish pancakes

3 large eggs, separated
115g gluten free plain flour
1 heaped teaspoon baking powder
140ml milk
A good pinch of salt
Maple syrup and a dot of butter to serve

If you’re going to need to cook in batches (which is very likely) put the oven on now, at a reasonable temperature, so that you can pop cooked pancakes in there to keep warm while you finish frying their kin.

egg yolk and flourPlace the flour and baking powder into a bowl then beat in egg yolks and milk, creating a smooth batter.  Start with the yolks, then add the milk a bit at a time, beating after each addition.

beaten to peaksWhisk the whites with the salt until they form stiff peaks.

fold togetherAdd egg whites to flour and yolk batter.

fold until just combinedUsing a large metal spoon, cut and fold in the whites until just combined – go gently, taking care to keep in as much of the air as possible.

sprinkle with blueberriesHeat a heavy based pan or griddle on a medium to high heat.  Lightly brush surface with a thin coating of butter or oil then pour on batter – make your pancakes as big or as small as you like.

You may need to control the run with a spatula but after a few moments they’ll start to firm up and hold their own shape.

Sprinkle with a few blueberries and continue to cook until the bottom is golden brown.

Turn pancakes over (blueberry side down) and continue to cook until that side is also golden brown.  You may need to press them down gently with your spatula to get even colouring.

Work quickly through cooking your batches as the mixture rapidly deflates and becomes overly runny (still nice when cooked though).Topped with butter and maple syrupServe immediately, stacked high, with a little button of melting butter and a good dousing of maple syrup (far more than it would appear in the pictures!)


Gorgeous Granola

In my opinion home made granola knocks any shop bought cereal into a cocked hat (that’s an odd saying, isn’t it?  Wonder where it comes from?).  The great news is that it’s not at all difficult to make, and has a really flexible ingredient list.  It does need continued attention during the 30-40 minute baking period, but it’s well worth the time.  I find it’s a lovely rainy afternoon cooking activity, ‘specially when combined with gumpaste flower making (more on that another day).

Granola on spoonThe basic ingredients for granola are:

  • a cereal base – usually oats (use jumbo ones, not itty-bitty porridge ones); rye, barley etc. can be used, but not for a g/f version!
  • nuts and seeds – we’re particularly partial to sunflower and pumpkin seeds/pistachios and almonds, but have been known to variously use sesame seeds, flax, hazelnuts, coconut and walnuts…what’s in your cupboard?
  • fruit – any dried fruit you like…cranberries, chopped dates, apricots, raisins, cherries, sultanas, mango, apple…as I said, anything you like in any combo you have available.
  • sugar  – usually a ‘sticky’ sugar such as honey, maple syrup, agave etc., alone or in combo with ‘grain’ sugar (soft brown or muscavado work best in my opinion)
  • fat – typically a neutral oil like rapeseed/canola, although coconut oil can be good if you have it.
  • flavouring – salt, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger…what do you like?

The ratios are really down to personal preference, but the following should give you a good stepping off point in your quest for personal granola perfection.

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