Garden Makeover

During the summer Barn and I had the great idea of using our time off work to overhaul the garden and do a little decorating in the house.  There was an absolute deadline of 13 days for completion of said projects, as on the 14th day we were hosting a BBQ for the day job staff.

In truth it was more my great idea than Barn’s; he was what you might call a reluctant participant in the grand plan, but fair play to him, participate he did, despite some ‘heated debates’ that occurred along the way 😉


As ever with such projects, I somewhat underestimated the amount of work involved; apart from anything else, our gardens (front and back) are infested with bindweed.  It’s a despicable plant that lurks around the pretty blooms, stealthily creeping up stems and strangling them to death.  Any teeny tiny part of the bindweed plant can regrow and become a new one, and it has spectacularly fragile roots which break into little pieces when they hear the spade approaching.

We also have a couch grass problem; this stuff makes the lawn look like a paddock and, in hyena-like fashion, prowls the flowerbeds, finishing off what the bindweed started.


Using weed killer is not a route I wished to take so every square inch of soil had to be carefully turned over and picked out.

IMG_2495The weather was on our side as we started to hack through the shrubbery and clear out the shameful quantity of accumulated junk*
*Yes, that is an old mattress and a weight bench – doesn’t everyone have these things in their garden? 😉

Some 10-15 years ago the hedge was planted with the intention that through the archway would be a vegetable plot.  The best laid plans…

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