Where have you come from?

While there will undoubtedly be ramblings about many things within this blog, primarily I want it to serve as a record of my progress with regard to cake making and party planning.  With that in mind, for this and the next however many posts, I’m going to go back to when it all began…

(…cue ‘back in time’ music…the picture goes wavy, then sharpens up again…)

We find ourselves in 2011 in my kitchen…

Having adopted a gluten free diet earlier in the year (and finally become free of pain when eating) I was becoming increasingly fed up with the extortionately priced, flavourless and heavy cakes available to buy.  I’d researched a lot and tried out several not-wildly-successful recipes but had not yet been able to satisfy the household cake cravings.  It seemed to me that the most obvious solution would be to create my own recipes.

This chocolate orange cake was the very first effort:

GF Chocolate Orange Cake

The sponge was too crumbly and the texture was too dense, however, it was good enough to encourage me onwards with my experimentation.