Girls and their toys

Xbox 360 controller cake & controller inset

2014 started off with an exciting new toy for me.  No, not an Xbox.  No, not one of those  toys either.  My new toy was a set of little lights that can be inserted safely into cakes.  Oh the joy!

I can’t tell you how delighted I was when one of my friends asked if I could make an Xbox controller cake for her son’s birthday and gave me the opportunity to use one of these lights in the process.

Xbox 360 controller

This was a triple layer chocolate fudge cake, filled and frosted with white chocolate buttercream.  Apart from the light, everything was edible.

The hardest part of doing the detail on this cake was working out how to do the coloured button in a way that made them look plastic and shiny.  After much experimentation I made little ‘wells’ and filled them with coloured piping gel.  It did leech a bit into the surrounding fondant, but I think that was more due to my sloppy well filling than anything else.

Xbox 360 controller with lightLove, love, love the way this cake turned out…the light was so effective.  My new toy was officially on the awesome list.  It certainly made one little boy very happy.