More Monkey Adventures

Day 22 of Advent and Monkey was getting himself party ready by practising his dancing.

Day 22 Monkey's practicing his sitting down dancing

He only does ‘sitting down dancing’ as his legs are a bit uncoordinated.

Day 22 Check out the moves

He can still bust some fancy moves though.

Day 22 7 in 1 Tool

When he finally stopped boogying and took a proper look at his gift, he discovered that the instructions for his 7-in-1 multi tool were written in Chinese.  Sadly Monkey does not speak or read Chinese.

He’s worked out that there’s a saw at the top, then a can opener on the corner, an extremely sharp blade/knife running down the side, a bottle opener to the left of that, and a screwdriver on the bottom right corner but he’s stumped about the rest.

Do you have any idea what those remaining holey bits do?!


Ghosts of Christmas past

Merry Christmas!

Like a small child I’ve woken unnecessarily early and am sitting here, in the peaceful hush of a sleeping house, taking a wee meander through Christmases past, having some moments of appreciation for Christmas present, and vaguely flirting with a few ideas for Christmases yet to come (yes, tis true…I’m already germinating plans for next year!)

As you know, this year the Renegade household has been in the wonderful and very fortunate position of being able to afford to purchase special Christmas gift items for our loved ones.  However, as discussed in an earlier post, this has not always been the case and over recent years we’ve made a lot of our Christmas gifts in the form of food hampers, so I thought I’d show you a few…

Christmas Gifts 2009These were from several years ago, when we had a real white Christmas and even a city suburb like mine managed to look magical.  I particularly liked the edible gingerbread gift tags on the hampers, but am less keen on the hand written labels for the jars.  The labels really should be printed, unless I learn calligraphy, or at least seriously improve my handwriting.

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