A Good/Bad Sandwich

Some recent, new to me, ‘oh my gosh’ business related occurrences:

1) Someone wrote to me, via Facebook, asking for work.  Now I know this person would have been doing a mass mailing to all the cake businesses she could find in the area, so this was not a specific desire to work for me.  However, the buzz comes from the fact that my page must look professional enough to warrant the query…does that make sense?!

2) While sorting through photos on Flickr, I did a couple of idle curiosity Google searches and found two of my cake pictures on Pinterest.  That was really exciting.  🙂

Until, that is, I discovered that the person had downloaded then uploaded them, complete with all my wording and description, but without crediting me or linking back to me 😦  Feeling like a bit of a twat, but also feeling the need to protect my intellectual property, I filled in the form reporting copyright violation.

I would have liked to somehow be able to give the option that the pictures could remain as long as credit was given…let’s face it, if I’m building a business, having people publicise my work is definitely a positive thing.  Unfortunately the choices were basically limited to ‘remove my pictures and warn the person to stop doing this’ or ‘remove my pictures and remove the person too’.  Obviously I chose the former – the latter seemed ridiculously harsh!

I couldn’t help but be impressed by the speed and efficiency of the system – a few days later I received an e-mail informing me that the pictures had been removed (and they have).

3) On the back of finding those pictures I did a more thorough search on more of my cakes – I discovered that if you type the words “yellow green corset cake” into Google my corset cake comes up right at the top of the images results!  I know it’s a really goofy of me, but that gave me such a thrill 🙂