Strange Mix

This was one of those cakes where I wasn’t convinced about the initial design concept and, somewhat inevitably, was then not happy with the finished cake.

One of Barn’s work colleagues asked if I could do a Holy Communion cake for his daughter.  That in itself was fine…but then he said he wanted the top tier traditional and the bottom tier to involve Little Mix, the girl group (don’t worry if you’re not familiar with them, you’re truly not missing anything).  Flavours to be strawberry and chocolate, and her favourite colour is red.

Blending such a traditional and custom steeped occasion with a modern pop group is quite a challenge, and I don’t think I quite met it!

Bible and cross

The top, traditional tier was straightforward…well, it’s traditional isn’t it, so there’s plenty of guidance and minimal leeway!  I went for a diamanté keepsake cross and a hand crafted fondant bible. 20140705_230449

20140705_222742The problems set in with the lower tier.  I wasn’t at all familiar with the group, which didn’t help, but the real problem was their somewhat homogeneous appearance.  You know the the way the Spice Girls had their very specific individual personae and styles?  Little Mix don’t.  Or if they do, it’s so subtle it passed me by.

Modelling these figures was really hard, especially trying to get their skin tones right. Making them have hairstyles, doing their makeup and getting their legs in proportion were also major issues.

That one holding the ‘D’ caused me particular problems…she looked like a crazed witch and on top of that, her legs just kept growing and growing, like some weird snake thing.  I had to amputate her legs and re-cut her dress twice before I’d reduced the weight enough to stop this happening!

20140705_230520Deformed and freaky as they were, apparently Kady recognised them, and hasn’t (to my knowledge) been plagued with nightmares about Snake Woman.  All things considered, that’s not a bad result.