Statement of Intent (NOT New Year’s Resolutions!)

I think it’s time to state my intentions and ambitions clearly on these pages:

  • I want to build up a cake making and party planning business.
  • I want to design and make personalised cakes – I don’t want to churn out ‘standard kid cakes’, but to produce one off creations tailored to the individual.
  • I want to be able to give up the day job and to earn my way in life entirely as a self-employed person.
  • I want the business to grow far beyond a home based operation and for it to be successful enough to enable me to employ others.

I decided all this nearly a year ago.  In that year I’ve been chipping away at the practicalities – paving the way, as it were.

The top priority has been to make the changes to my kitchen that will be necessary for me to pass an environmental health inspection and to receive my hygiene certification.  Once I have that certificate I can really start to move things on.  Don’t get me wrong, as it stands the kitchen is not at all unhygienic, but the requirements for a food business operator kitchen are somewhat more stringent than for a domestic one.  We’ve been replacing, adding to and updating all the large kitchen appliances – just need another fridge and a new dishwasher and we’ll be done.  The biggest challenge has been working out how to fit the extra fridge and freezer in!  Actually, I tell a lie, the biggest challenge was walking away from the oven of my dreams, at a cost of several thousand pounds, and settling for a less desirable but eminently more affordable one.  I’ll be back for you later, oh lust worthy bake box.

We’ve worked out how to alter the layout of the kitchen in order to separate business from domestic, so that even within our rather small kitchen there is a clear delineation between the two.  We’ve also very carefully worked out the work space and storage that will be needed, down to the last cup, saucer and modelling tool!  Getting the money together for this may take another year (then again, it may not – who knows what’s around the corner), but we are saving and the fund is steadily growing.

Once the kitchen is done and the certificate gained, I’ll be able to register the business.  After insurances etc. are in place I’ll then, finally, be official and be able to start advertising.

Some time ago, with that end point in mind, I created a Facebook page under the business name I’ve chosen; when the time comes to actually ‘open the doors’ I will have an established portfolio and a ‘history’ of cake baking for others to peruse.  I’m not going to link this blog with that page right now…the time isn’t right…but at some point in the future I probably will.

At times I find it frustrating not to be able to just dive right in, but patience is a virtue I’m trying to nurture – the progress is undoubtedly there and I believe my time will come.  In the meantime, I’ll continue to make cakes and plan parties for my nearest and dearest, enjoying every minute of it and relishing the prospect of the day when I get paid real money for doing something that is so much fun 🙂