Fumbling with Fondant

For my Big Sis’s 2013 birthday, I felt brave enough to have another go at using fondant to cover and decorate a cake, this time with a knitting theme.  For my second effort I used a firm carrot cake filled and frosted with fresh orange flavoured buttercream.

Joy's knitting cakeI’d learned a lot from the last time (but had no idea how little I knew still) and the process was a lot less stressful.  I still hadn’t got the hang of levelling a cake though…

Jumper…nor had I got the hang of evening up the sides and avoiding ‘elephant skin’ and cracking with my fondant (come to think of it, I’m still working on that!)

The knitted items and wool were made with marzipan, each strand painstakingly rolled by hand, and the stitching was marked on with a cocktail stick.

Wool balls and scarfThe unravelling balls that form the writing were made using strawberry laces.

By the time I’d finished this cake I was starting to get drawn into the ever expanding, and endlessly creative, world of playing with sugar.