Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you – I hope that 2016 brings many good things to your life.  May you shake the cobwebs of 2015 from your feet and stride forward with confidence into the untrodden pastures of promise that wait to be discovered in the coming months.  May you not burden yourself on this first new day with resolutions that are likely doomed to failure, but may you succeed with any fully intentioned pledges you make.

Yep, that is my diary

To be honest with you, I’m a little ambivalent about the whole New Year thing.  On the one hand, I love the ‘clean sheet-ness’ of it, and the potential that this could be the year that…I don’t know…I become a superhero or something.

Superhero hair
Actual hair, not a wig.

On the other hand, it can be slightly disheartening to realise that yet another year has now gone by and…  Well, certainly not a superhero yet (although I did get superhero hair this year).

On the third hand (if you’re counting the hands and you don’t have a friend assisting you at this point, you’re an alien.  Or possibly half of a bee).  Aaanyway, there is quite a lot of pressure surrounding New Year and I don’t find it pleasant.

New Year’s Resolutions are one such pressure area.  I’m sure for some people it’s a great way to kick start change in lifestyle or habit, but it really doesn’t work for me.  In a similar way that Valentine’s doesn’t really work for me.  I just don’t like being told that on this particular day I must express a certain feeling or do a certain thing, in the publicly perceived acceptable manner.  You might call it contrary, I call it individual.

Plus, of course, there’s the fact that in my sphere somewhere around 99.5% of New Year’s Resolutions are broken before February ends.  With such low odds, people are almost waiting for you to slip up; stating a resolution is tantamount to saying, “This is what I plan to fail at first in this lovely new year.”

So I actively avoid making resolutions.  Any decisions I make to change lifestyle or habits are merely ‘plans’.

Champagne Cocktail and Candles

I also find there’s quite an expectation that you do something for NYE.  I dislike being asked in the lead up what my plans will be as there’s a sense that one is somehow letting the team down when there are no envy inducing plans involving yachts and/or casinos.  Or at the very least a party down the local pub.

Over the years Barn, Petit Man and I have individually and collectively experienced a great number of ‘fun things to do on NYE’ (restaurants, nightclubs, house parties, Edinburgh, and all that jazz) but either never did, or have ceased to, find them all that much fun.

So this year Petit Man and Mme. E came round and we brought in the new year at home, with champagne cocktails, candles and board games.  I can’t think of anything else I’d rather have done.

to stand and stare

A poor life this if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare.

William Henry Davies (Leisure)

This is one of my primary plans for this coming year – to take more time away from shoulds and oughts and people who sap me, and devote more to wants and wishes and people who value me.

How about you?  What did you do this NYE?  Do you make resolutions?  Is 2016 going to be fabulous for your heart and soul?

I hope so.