And so I’m back, from outer space…

Hullo!  Been a while, hasn’t it?

Of course, I haven’t actually been in outer space (cool story if I had), but that made a much better title than, “And so I’m back from being so busy with the day job, cakes, parties and other shenanigans, that something had to give and that something was blogging” – which is the truth of the matter.

So, a quick update on the general Renegade world and then on to posting some schtuffs…

Getting the bad and the sad out of the way first…

Mooch modelling roller blind trimming
Mooch models a bow fashioned from the new roller blind off cut.

Mooch has an inoperable tumour on her colon.  As you can see from this recent picture, she’s still alert, happy and seemingly pain free.  She has lost a little weight and sleeps more readily, but apart from that she’s doing ok. A close eye is being kept on the situation.

Left side Bunting

In better news, progress is being made towards getting the cake and party business properly up and running – all things being equal, I should be ready to go ‘official’ by the middle of next year.  The prospect is quite thrilling!

Changes are also afoot in the day job arena but it’s too early to be counting any chickens; for now I shall just say I hope to be turning my hand to some new, more fiscally rewarding challenges in the not too distant future.

Huh!  Two paragraphs do not convey the amount of effort involved in reaching this point 😀  Ah well, you’ll just have to take my word for it, it’s been a busy old six months.

The VIPs are generally in good form…a new one will be added in December courtesy of Lady S and Baby Bro – can’t wait to meet him!

29 sleeps until christmas

Oh yes, one more thing…it’s nearly CHRISTMAAAAAS and oh my gosh, I’m so excited!

I can’t wait to get the tree up (this weekend), and yes, I am one of those sickening people who finished their Christmas shopping a week ago and who has nearly finished wrapping everything too.

Go on, I don’t mind if you tell me you hate me, just a little bit 😉