Up on the roof

In December of 2013 Petit Man announced his assumption that I would be making him a birthday cake.  “After all,” he said, “if all these other people are having lovely cakes made by you, I don’t think I should have to have a supermarket one.  You’ve spoiled me now…I know what a good cake tastes like!”

Fair point I s’pose.

Petit Man Birthday 2013Time was limited so I came up with this relatively simple to create roof cake, made using layers of vanilla Madeira cake, filled and frosted with coffee buttercream.

petit Petit Man 2013This was my first try at modelling a figure from fondant and the first test run for the face mould I’d purchased.  As he was the first actual human I created, it seems fitting that the first sugar human I created was a petit Petit Man.

As you can see, the construction method for the chimney wasn’t thought through very well, resulting in this squashed on affair…looks like it’s going to end up in their bathroom any second now!

Regardless of its many faults and flaws, Petit Man was very happy with the cake, which in this instance was all that really mattered..