Traditional Christmas Cake with Marzipan Button Tree Decoration

Marzipan button Xmas tree cake

Rich fruit cake covered with marzipan and royal icing, topped with a hand crafted marzipan button design and finished with a smart red ribbon.IMG_2886[1]

Five traditional Christmas fruit cakes are being made this year…they’re a little drunk now as I’ve been steadily feeding them Cognac for weeks.Button tree Xmas cake This one was finished today and has now left the building.

I’m currently working on a rather large order for Christmas cupcakes…due Monday.  I’ll be back with pictures, and a massive sigh of relief, once they’re done.

Until then, I hope the festive spirit has come your way and has filled you with good cheer.  If not, I recommend vodka – it helps 😉


Deck the cake

Holly wreath cakeA simple but effective marzipan holly wreath on top of a royal iced, brandy soaked, fruit cake.

I don’t normally bother baking a fruit cake for us as Barn and Petit Man always say they don’t like it.  This year I was asked to make one for a friend of Mum’s so I made this for her and also a mini version for me, as a pre-Christmas treat .  It was delicious.

Sadly, I didn’t get to taste enough of its deliciousness…turns out Barn and Petit Man do like fruit cake after all…when I bake it 🙂