Chocoholic’s Dream Cake

Box of chocolatesIf life is like a box of chocolates, this cake represents the kind of life I’d like to have!

Dark chocolate and white chocolate cake layers, with salted caramel frosting. Covered in chocolate fondant, decorated with chocolates and modelling chocolate.

This cake involved several firsts for me…first time using modelling chocolate (expensive but fabulously malleable and easy to use), the first time tempering chocolate, the first time using chocolate transfers and the first time I covered something other than a straightforward, flat cake.

chocolate lidThe lid was made using a lined, loose bottomed cake tin as a mould.  The sheets transfer was laid onto the bottom of the tin before the orange chocolate was poured on top.  There was then an interminable wait for it to completely solidify before the heart stopping moment of removal.  I was worried it would crack but luck was on my side and the whole thing came out very easily, albeit with some scratches on the transfer design.

Chocolate selectionCovering the cake was really difficult, not least because I didn’t have quite enough fondant and therefore had to roll it too thinly.  I think it turned out not too bad in the end though.

The discs on the sides of the box were made by pouring a thin layer of melted chilli chocolate onto a transfer sheet, then cutting out the shapes with metal cutters just before it had set (too soon and it runs back together, too late and it cracks).  The box is filled with a selection of Hotel Chocolat chocolates, ‘cos we all adore Hotel Chocolat, don’t we?

lifting the lidThe bow, ribbon and trim around the base of the box were made with orange flavour modelling chocolate.  I subsequently realised that I could have rolled this a LOT thinner, and it would still have held its shape…as it’s costly stuff, that’s a good thing to have learned!

Clearly, to enjoy this cake you would need to like chocolate.  A lot.  Fortunately, the friend it was made for really, really does, although it took some time before she and her family could bring themselves to break it all up.  It’s a CAKE guys…its whole raison d’être is to be eaten!