Statistics, Search Terms and Salaciousness


Do you find the stats page of your blog interesting?

I do – I find it utterly intriguing working out what brings people here, how they find me and which posts are most popular.

It’s clear we’re living in a world full of sugar junkies (I’ll be the first to hold up my hand and take ownership of that label); sweet treats always garner a lot of attention, whether the posts are recipes or just pictures.  That’s fine by me, given that I’m a cake creator 🙂  What has been somewhat surprising has been which of my many creations most frequently captures people’s attention.

It turns out that my most popular post to date has been these vagina cupcakes (NSFW!!).  They’ve had easily twice as many hits as the next most popular post, although a mention on Reddit certainly helped that along.


Still, the fact remains that without fail, every single day, someone, somewhere in the world types “vagina cakes” into their search engine and finds my blog (well, I’m assuming it’s different people and not just one, hugely devoted, vagina cake fan).

Now due to Google privacy rules (which I fail to understand, but hey…) most search terms are not visible; however, a seemingly random selection do show up and my word do they raise some questions…

How to muff a vagina” and “sulking the vagina muff” are my current top favourites.  WTF?!!

As Petit Man kindly pointed out to me, the chances are high that people are seeking porn when they stumble across my cake pictures…and they may not even have been disappointed.  I REALLY don’t want to think about that 😮

What is wrong with everyone?!  I’ve made beautiful handbags and shoesfancy hatsboxes of chocolates and fairytale dessert tables; I’ve even made award winning cupcakes, but no, I am being sought out for my vagina cakes. (Nonononono!  Not my vagina…my cakes shaped like…oh c’mon now, you know what I mean!)  ‘The Vagina Cake Lady’ – not really who I set out to become 😀

By contrast, my second most popular post is thrice baked potatoes – to me a strange and amusing juxtaposition of practical and pervy.  Maybe people just got hungry after…after…doing whatever they were doing with regard to sulking a vagina muff.

Coming in at a close third place is the 3D corset cake made last year for Big Sis’s birthday; a curvy and elegant cake of which I’m still proud.  It seems many are seeking a ‘how to’ for this.


My conclusions?  My readership is made up of people who like sexy cakes and down to earth dinners.

Are you one of them? 😉