The One That Really Got Me Hooked

My fourth fondant covered cake (and I promise I’ll stop counting them after this, but I’m still stunned by the cockiness and sheer audacity involved in taking on a celebration cake of this magnitude so early in my celebration cake making history)…anyway, my fourth one came about because Barn was so impressed by the cakes I made for Mum’s Pimms party (he is ridiculously easy to impress).  He began showing photos to all and sundry; which lead to me being asked if I could make a cake for his niece’s August birthday, based on the tower from the Disney film Tangled.

Tangled tower - the inspiration

At first, I almost declined on the grounds of inexperience, but when I realised I was more than a little excited about the prospect of having an excuse to try doing something so extravagant, I agreed.  Then I researched how to go about it.

Annabella's Birthday Cake - tower creation collageCobbling together information from around the internet, and adding some tweaks of my own, I came up with a tower support structure made from plumbing parts (new ones, obviously).  Petit Man handled the hardware side of things.

Completed tower structureThe completed tower, pre-cake application: pipe covered with rice krispie treats, then melted white chocolate, and finally fondant decorations.

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