The Reason

My thoughts get boredThere was once a most remarkable website, called 43 Things.  Ostensibly it was a place to set goals and record progress towards them, but in reality it was so much more than that – it was the most incredible and supportive community I have ever come across, either in 3D or online.  I met my very best friend in the world on there.

It was made read-only earlier this year and is scheduled for deletion on 31st December.  It currently sits, frozen in time, a dusty and inadequate monument to the greatness that it once was.  If you knew the place, you’ll understand its value – if you didn’t, I’m so sorry…it’s the greatest community experience you’ll never have.

In the six-some years that I was a member of 43T it became a huge part of my life…to the point that I would habitually compose posts in my head whilst going about my daily business (not all of them actually got written up!).  Now the site has closed its doors I find myself still seeking a place to record  my thoughts on life (well, more on food than actual life), my successes, my failures and all of that jazz.  And my cake baking.  Let’s not forget the cake baking.

So here we are…in the place I picked.  Let’s see how it goes.


7 thoughts on “The Reason

  1. I’ve been no good at keeping a blog, but I might try again – I have an old 365 photo challenge blog, and another that I thought might last, but no. 🙂 It’s good to see you!

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    1. I hear you…there are a couple of died by roadside blogs of mine floating around the ether. Too often I start out with good intentions, only for life, my emotional state or just plain old procrastination to get in the way. Although postings here might not be as regular as they ‘should’ be, I have great hopes that this time I will sustain the motivation. We’ll see 😉

      Looking forward to seeing what you write if you do try again. Great to see you too honey!


    1. Good to see you Calypte! I was excited to see you doing a food/cooking blog…looking forward to pinching ideas for dinner from you 🙂


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